The Importance Of Employee Engagement

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Abstract Employee engagement is a huge umbrella covering every aspect of human resource management facets. It is vital to address every facet of HR, failing to which may result in mismanagement employee dissatisfaction & employee disengagement. Employee engagement is all about retaining the employees in the organization by adopting certain strategies resulting in job satisfaction, employee commitment and Organizational citizenship behavior. Employee engagement have broader scope, it defines a two way relationship between employer & employee. Better the employee engagement activities & strategies adopted by the organization more emotionally attached are the employees to their organization, resulting into high involvement in the job with greater…show more content…
According to the Maslow hierarchy of needs, we can say human needs have no end, human tend to associate with entity until their specific goals are satisfied. They carve for new goals & opportunities to satisfy their urge of being the best. The same theory can be applicable in case of IT organization, where employees start their career as new entrant & reaches top of the corporate ladder. The psychological satisfaction of being at the top makes them to hunt better opportunities in their existing organization, if not, then some other organization. In this rat race, ultimately organization suffers the heat of losing the most capable employee. Moreover, to increase the work life balance & maintain the healthy environment at workplace, organization introduces employee engagement activities like R&R, goodies, team lunch, trips & treks, events, holidays & comp offs etc. The literature survey will focus in depth the reason of such strategies, thus helping us to understand the theoretical aspects proposed by several researchers & authors. Objective • To identify various employment engagement activities opted by IT organizations. • To ensure whether Employee Engagement initiatives has direct relation with employee retention, satisfaction & loyalty. • To study consequences & effects on talent management & how Employee Engagement…show more content…
It promotes retention of talent, promote customer loyalty and improve organizational performance and stakeholder value. Engagement is influenced by many factors like workplace culture, organizational communication and managerial styles to trust and respect, leadership and company reputation. For today’s different generations, access to training and career opportunities, work/life balance and empowerment to make decisions are important. Thus, to promote a culture of engagement, HR leads the way to design, measure and evaluate proactive workplace policies and practices that help attract and retain talent with skills and competencies necessary for growth and
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