Benefits Of Employee Empowerment

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Employee Empowerment
Meaning of Employee Empowerment Employee empowerment is known to be one of the ways of improving employee morale, job satisfaction and employee motivation. The term is used interchangeably with employee participation, workplace democracy, industrial democracy, participatory, and employee voice (Brione and Nicholson, 2012, pg, 17). It is a process of enabling employee to think, act, react, behave, and control their responsibilities in a more autonomous way (Emerson, 2012, pg, 5). It is beneficial to both the organization and the employee; for instance, it increases employee accountability, enhances customer satisfaction, and develops personal power (Bailey, 2009, pg, 1). On the contrary, other scholars suggest that employee
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Eventually, it results to job satisfaction and career satisfaction (Ghosh, 2013, pg, 100). Secondly, the working system is smoothened, and made easy to cope with. The result is reduced work related strain, reduced stress of overwork and increased efficiency. Enhanced productivity and quality of work; generally, all employees need to feel that they contribute to the well-being of the organization. When employees are given the flexibility and freedom to make a difference, they feel empowered and end up delivering high quality work. Employee collaboration within the work environment is enhanced, exchanging of ideas and teaching each other to solve work-based problems create teamwork.
Benefits of Employee Empowerment to the
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Theory Y manager on the contrary believes that human beings accept work and seek responsibility and exercise self-direction and control. Decision making by a theory X manager is autocratic while decision making by a theory Y manager is consultative. The two theories are related to employee empowerment, theory X management does not tolerate employee empowerment, instead employees but be directed and threatened in order to achieve organizational goals. Theory Y management tolerates and enhances employee empowerment; under this management employees are given opportunities to exercise their imaginative and creative skills to solve organizational

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