Employee Empowerment In The Workplace

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In the workplace, the concept of employee empowerment is often misunderstood and put into practice by few organizations and managers. To most of these managers, they have a perception that if they would empower their employee it would mean that their responsibilities of leading and controlling these employees and the organization as a whole would be relinquished. Empowerment of the employee does not however mean giving the employees power over the organization but a culmination of various tenets and ideas of employee satisfaction. In the practice and fostering of employee empowerment, the organizations’ management should communicate with the employees in trust in relation to the various aspects of the business. Employee empowerment therefore…show more content…
One of the benefits is that employee empowerment improves the quality of work from the employees. This is because through the practice, the employees are made to feel that they are playing a role in the organization’s well being as well as contributing to the success of the organization and have an importance to the world. This would be through the personal pride to their work, flexibility and freedom that the practice provides to them especially in decision making which results to their high productivity hence quality work. Secondly, the practice provides employee satisfaction since the employees have an engaging work culture that is flexible creating empowerment. The empowerment, through its ways such as fun work culture, public recognition of employees for their success stories and increased responsibilities contributes to the sense of feeling satisfied which also relate to increased loyalty levels and retention ratios. It in turn results to increased productivity which contributed to the organization’s bottom- line improvement. Thirdly, it results to increased collaboration from the employees. This is since though the practice, the employees are treated as the organization’s vital components and in the process they gain a sense of self- confidence in relation to their abilities…show more content…
With the power it gives to the employees, the practice creates some sense of accountability, ownership to work and responsibility. The employees therefore work diligently in meeting the organizational goals and deadlines while feeling energized which in turn results to increased performance and productivity. Fifthly, the management practice results to reduced costs. For instance with increased employee satisfaction due to thie r empowerment, their sense of loyalty and job dedication is increased which results to employee staying longer in the organization and the costs associated with frequent job transitioning is reduced via the reduced employee turnover costs. The other reduced cost is that due to increased efficieny in the organizational operations. This occurs since the empowered employees gain pride in their work handling it effectively which is also in addition to the fact that they are taken as the organization’s vital components. In the process of empowering employees, a firm should not just use the empowerment strategies used by big multinational companies such as Nordstrom 's, Ritz-Carlton hotels, and Google but should first consider several factors such as its size. These companies have grown to be what they are with time and for some companies especially the small ones, they should start with the basic styles of employee empowerment. One of the simple ways through which a company can start the

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