Employee Engagement: A Workplace Approach

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Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to your business goals and values. By involving them in your business, you will motivate them to contribute to your business success and at the same time improve their sense of well-being. Employee engagement starts with managers showing a clear and collective commitment to making employee engagement part of business culture. This means sharing information on business plans and performance, making sure you live your business values and seeking views and ideas from employees on how to improve your business. It is a two-way street. Encourage your employees to play their part by sharing their feedback, raising concerns and supporting the way you do business.…show more content…
If employees don 't connect with the values of an organisation, appreciate the contribution they can make, or do not feel that their employer cares or values them; they will not feel committed to the organisation or motivated to perform well. The strength of this is its focus on a specific physical and psychological state of being, meaning that it can be reliably measured and acted upon. Employee engagement as a concept has become increasingly main stream in management thinking over the last decade. It proposes a ‘mutual gains’ employment relationship, creating a win-win for employees and their employers. It’s usually seen as an internal state of being, physical, mental and emotional, but many also view it as encompassing behaviour and in particular work effort. Typical phrases used in employee engagement writing include discretionary effort, going the extra mile, feeling valued and passion for work. Employee engagement creates an informed, involved and productive workplace that helps propel the business towards its goals. Engaged employees: • have a desire and commitment to give their best to the…show more content…
Employee voice An effective employee voice which listens to employees and involves and consults them in decision-making within your business is important. Integrity Integrity with employee engagement means practising what you preach. There shouldn 't be a gap between what the people in your business say and what they do. An employee’s discretionary effort results in the Engagement-Profit chain. Because they care more, they are more productive, give better service, and even stay in their jobs longer. All of that leads to happier customers, who buy more and refer more often, which drives sales and profits higher, finally resulting in an increase in stock price. A high-performance organization depends upon an engaged workforce where employees are highly motivated, more productive, and less likely to look for a job elsewhere. Improving the engagement efforts by simplifying the process with an automated solution that delivers bottom-line
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