Employee Engagement In The Coca Cola Company

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Issues 1: Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is a relationship between an organization and its own employees (Engage for Success, n.d.) . It is a workplace strategies resulting a right workplace conditions for all the employees within organization to contribute their best to the company and increases the chance of success. Employee engagement is the extent to which the passionate of the employees feel about their jobs, positions and organization, and put discretionary effort into their contributions towards the organization. In other words, employees do not work just for the salary or promotion but they working on behalf to achieve the organizational goals and mission. Employee engagement is closely link to the engagement with organization and the superior. Engagement with the organization is important in increasing the employee engagement, and it will build the trust, values and respect between employees and the organization (Custom insight, n.d.). In order words is how the company treated their employees. Whereas engagement with superior is specific measure of how employees feel about their superiors, included feeling valued, fairness, receiving feedback and direction. In other words, it mean the relationship between subordinates and superiors based on mutual values and respect. Human Resource plays an important roles to increase the employee engagement by providing continuous learning and support, incentives and recognition, and communication and feedback (Silberman,

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