Employee Engagement In Saudi Arabia

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Title: employee engagement in public sector in Saudi Arabia

Introduction: Employee engagement has a significant impact on employee outcomes and passion toward the organization. Organizations move forward into a boundary-less environment and the importance of employee engagement emerge due to the increased positive desirable attitudes toward the organization. Engaged employees exhibit an intense desire to stay, strive for quality output and continuous improvement to better accomplish the goals of an organization (1). It is worthwhile to go the extra mile to enhance engagement levels in organizations to ensure the presence of highly productive workforce contributing to the success and productivity of the organization. The enhancement of
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(2). Since that extensive research carried out and it has become an area of growing interest. Even though employee Engagement is a well-researched topic, it lacks a universal acceptable definition (3).researchers defined the concept of employee engagement in the view of individual perspective or organizational perspective (4).according to the individual perspective of (name) employee engagement is Individual’s sense of purpose and focused energy, evident to others in the display of personal initiative, adaptability, effort, and persistence directed toward organizational goals (5).while (name) studied the organizational perspective and defined employee engagement as The degrees to which employees are satisfied with their jobs, feel valued, and experience collaboration and trust (6). According to Andrew and Sofian (2012), employee engagement involves an emotional and psychological relationship between employees and their organization that can be changed into negative or positive behaviors that employees show at their workplace (7). Engaged employees will stay with the company, normally perform better and be more motivated they form emotional connection with the company and create sense of loyalty in a competitive environment (8), employee engagement builds passion, commitment and alignment with the organization's strategies and goals and Increases employees‟ trust in the organization (9) A highly engaged employee will consistently deliver beyond expectations (10). Researchers have shown that there are some critical factors which lead to Employee engagement such as Respectful Treatment of Employees, Empowerment, Equal Opportunities and Fair Treatment and Pay and Benefits (11). When an employee gets positive

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