Employee Engagement Strategies

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What is the employee engagement? What are the benefits of employee engagement? What are employee engagement strategies? What is the difference between employee engagement and employee satisfaction? The answer to those questions need explication. Now days in business world, there are lots of concepts. The owner of the business needs to follow these concepts and keys to become successful. One of the most important concepts is employee engagement. How the owner follows this concept. This essay will talk about all these and answer these entire questions above. First, what is the employee engagement? What is the difference between employee engagement and employee satisfaction? Employee engagement does not mean employee happiness,…show more content…
This is the important part for the owners of the business. After the good plan for using employee engagement the owner ask himself if this going to be help or not. The employee engagement has five clear benefits. The five benefits are; Employee Satisfaction, Productivity, Retention & Recruitment, Innovation, and Profitability. The first benefit is employee satisfaction. If employees are engaged with the company their job satisfaction levels increase. They are very helpful in the success of the business and have a high level of commitment and loyalty. Satisfied employees play a key role in the organization. The second benefit is productivity. Employees who become more engaged their absenteeism lowers and their motivation increases which lead to increase productivity. The more engaged the employee is, the more efficient and driven to succeed they become. The third benefit is retention and recruitment. Employees who are engaged lower the risk of turnover for the company. Simply put, when employees are satisfied and engaged they are far more likely to stay with the organization. The fourth benefit is innovation. There is a strong relationship between innovation and employee engagement. Employee who engaged, work at higher level and interest to their job. This often leads to innovation in the business. The fifth benefit is profitability. If employees are engaged, they become more productive and efficient, positively affecting the company. A study by Wyatt Watson found that companies that have highly engaged employees produce 26% higher revenue per employee. The more engaged employees are the more productive they become, lowering operating costs and increasing the profit margin. To include, the benefits of engagement employees lead to; higher service, quality, and productivity and leads to higher customer satisfaction that leads to increase sales which leads to higher levels of profit and in return it
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