Case Study: Ways To Keep Employees Happy

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According to Marriott Hotels and Southwest Airlines know that keeping their employees happy and motivated is how to keep their customers satisfied.
Ways to Keep Employees Happy
1. Make Employees come first
Publicly, both organizations have gone counter to usual "customer first strategy" and state that their employees come first. They have discovered that the best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to have happy, motivated employees which will result in having people who have a strong vested interest in keeping customers satisfied. Employees that are loyal and heavily invested in an organization will naturally desire to do things that keep and increase a loyal customer base. As Marriott says, "Take care of associates and they will take care of customers."
2. Hire for attitude over technical skills
Both organizations hire, not so much based on technical skills,
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A seasoned staff member takes a new member under his or her wings for six months. Their role is to ensure that the new person always feels supported and embraced. Some of the ways that "Cohearts" does this is by spending time with newcomers, buying them small gifts and taking them for lunch. As a result of these efforts powerful bonds are created between staff and the organization in addition to long-term friendships.
4. Provide room for growth
Once hired, both organizations invest heavily in their employees, both in terms of workplace training and opportunities, ensuring that they never feel that they have reached a dead end and there is nowhere else to go in the organization. Both Marriott and Southwest offer their employees ongoing training in leadership, new software upgrading, career development and operations. This gives employees a sense that there are always opportunities for learning, advancement, and the organization has an interest in having them reach their potential.
5. Look after your people in good times and

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