Job Satisfaction Research Paper

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The main reasons for doing this study is to determine the impacts of motivation on employee job satisfaction in the hospitality sector of tourism. Job satisfaction according to Statt (2004:78) from the perspective of hospitality can be defined as the level by which an employee is more comfortable with the rewards he or she gets out of his or her job, particularly in terms of intrinsic motivation by the employer. George (2008:78) added another view that states that job satisfaction is the collection of feeling and beliefs that employees have about their current jobs as well the favourable environment in which they work upon. Saayman & Slabbert (2003:6) provides a clear description
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Alan, Radzi & Hemdi, (2010:393) clearly indicated that employees of the hotel industry faces more challenges such as no or less routine holidays, employees are required to work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, long working hours, seasonal employment, limited training, over workloads, low job security and thus leads to high level of turnover in the hospitality…show more content…
Most of the common aspects from the past researches results are employee satisfaction on salary, supervision, teamwork, training and promotion. This aspect of the past researches plays an important role in the central benefits across all sectors in hospitality industry. According to Weiss (1996:12-20) Affective Events Theory is a model that has been developed by organisational psychologists about the general factors that affects employees in the hospitality industry, particularly by including emotional regulations in the workplaces.
In addition, Weiss (1967:12) states that the impacts of motivation on employee job satisfaction goes with the fact that job conditions goes with the moving of mental experiences generated by conditions that has been linked primarily by motivation on employee job satisfaction. The conditions may lead and enhance the idea of processing guidance to the factors that may contribute towards a change in the current situations. The change may refine and promote sustainable development in hospitality and tourism industry as a
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