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The movie Employee of the Month was released in 2006. Zack Bradley is one of the main characters in this movie. Zack Bradley is an "underachiever" that lives with his grandmother. Zack works as a box boy at the local "Super Club" which is their version of a Sam 's Club or Costco. In his free time Zack likes to hang out with fellow coworkers Lon, Iqbal and Russell. Zack 's not only a slacker but he also causes the Super Club to lose money. I understand that Zack is kindhearted, a supportive friend and the customers love him but it 's not right for him to intentionally damage the companies merchandise. In the movie there was this young boy who was in the Super Club with his mom. He wanted his mom to purchase a toy truck but his mon said no…show more content…
Zack things he 's doing a good deed but this is theft which could lead to him being fired or legal charges against him. Zack is perfectly fine with the way he lives his life and his poor work performance until the new cashier Amy catches his eye. Zack wants to date Amy but has a major obstacle standing in his way named Vince. The reason why Vince is a problem for Zack is because word around the store is that Amy only dates Employees of the Month. Vince has been the Employee of the Month at the Super Club for over a year. Zack is determined to date Amy so he challenges Vince for the Employee of the Month Award. Zack quickly learns that winning the award is harder than he thought. The employees at the Super Club don 't like Vince because he belittles them, not a team worker and has an ego complex. The employees decide to rally together and help Zack rather than Vince for these reasons. In the beginning Vince felt like Zack wasn 't going to be a problem and he would win Amy 's love and keep his title as Employee of the Month. However, this quickly changed once Zack won his first star in the competition. This was the moment that…show more content…
Zack and fellow employees sought revenge Vince as well. Amy went on a date with both of them and really couldn 't stand Vince but the power that he had made him tolerable. Amy was surprised that she really enjoyed her date with Zack and was starting to like her. The pressure to win the title becomes too much for Zack. Zack 's personality begins to change and all he can think about is winning. Zack causes Iqbal to lose his job because they switched shifts and instead of Zack finishing it he skips out to go to the game. Zack is slowly losing his friends due to him acting like Vince. Amy eventually finds out Zack 's motivated for winning the title which sickens and hurts her. Before Zack got to the point of no return he made amends with his friends, resigns from his job and gets Iqbal 's job back which causes. Zack decides that he no longer wants the title to win Amy over but for his pride. Vince thought he had the win because Zack quit and was no longer qualified for the competition. However, since Zack didn 't turn in his resignation papers he was still qualified to compete. In the end Zack wins the competition because Vince was disqualified due to cheating. He was also charged with stealing from the company since it was shown on video surveillance. One

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