Employee Performance In Pakistan

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Changing demographics, new trends of communications, technological change, globalization and work environment changes the role of employees into the organization. Now a day, managers, employers and researchers are anxious to increasing the employee efficiency, employee retention and employee satisfaction. This could be possible to know the factors that might affect to employee attitudes and behaviors with their work performance as well as the organizational performance. The idea that increasing employee performance can play positive role to develop attitude and behavior towards the organization has long been recognized in the literature (Cropanzano, James and Konovsky, 1993; Dunham, Grubeand and Castaneda,
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Pakistan’s health care system is divided into categories i.e. public and private health care system along with traditional systems of medicine like Ayurvedi, and Unani (Greek) (Zaidi, 1988; Hassan and Mehmud, 2006). However, the current study is dealing with public sector health workforce related to medical doctors of Sindh chapter, Pakistan. The overall health policy, of health department of Sindh province, is based on “Health for All“, fulfilling this dream currently availing the services of more than 14,000 medical doctors whereas, nursing work force documented up to 2,000 while paramedics serving all over the province is more than 12,000. Presently in Sindh province, number of medical institutions functioning including three medical universities located at Karachi, Jamshoro and Larkana cities respectively moreover two medical colleges; established in Sukkur and Nawabshah excluding 12 Nursing, 10 Midwifery and 5 Public Health Schools for lady health visitors LHVS’ functioning as well. For curing, protecting and promoting peoples’ health against dangerous diseases, and also working for upgrading and enhancing of curative health institutions through improving efficiency of health sector employees especially medical doctors too. The number game of health institutions do not become stagnant here additionally, a huge network of hospitals and health facilities functioning as well comprise 6 teaching hospitals, 5 specialized institutions for chest diseases, skin (dermatological) as well mentally ill patients, 11 district headquarter

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