Employee Performance Management Literature Review

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The concentration of this paper is on the viability of the Employee performance management. Performance appraisals are a basic piece of human resource management frameworks inside an organizations. Employee performance management is a procedure for building up a common workforce understanding about what is to be accomplished at an organizational level. It is about adjusting the hierarchical destinations to the workers ' concurred measures, aptitudes, competency requirements, advancement arranges and the delivery of results.
This study plans to examine the effectiveness of Performance management from the view of the staffs. The study was done in Takaful insurance companies located in Kuala Lumpur. The research receives an overview approach
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Chapter 3: Research Methodology and Conceptual Framework
This chapter highlights the methods used in collecting data and information for the study. Generally two main methods used are primary data and secondary data collections. Besides that, it also explains the conceptual framework that was developed for the purpose of this study

Chapter 4: Results and Discussion

This chapter reports the results from the analysis of Questionnaires that serve as main source of data collection.

Chapter 5: Summary, Implications and Conclusion

This chapter summarizes the findings and its implications towards employee performance management. It also highlights the importance of further survey in this area and suggests some ways as how to improve it.

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The staff will get appraised for their performance and usually measured in terms of sales achievement (for sales staff), number of policies issued and the turnaround time (underwriting personnel in Takaful Insurance) or even number of patients treated in a day (general practitioner). In other words, have the staff displayed technical/functional competence, planning, express ideas, creativity or behaviour strengths in carrying out their duties. Based on the tasks performed they will be measured individually and subsequently how their effectiveness and efficiency contribute to the greater wellbeing of the organisation they operate from. The part on assessing their performance in the form of Performance Management is an integral part to an organisation. The ultimate of Performance Management is to objectively promote and measure the effectiveness of an employee to the organisation. Performance Management is and should be an end-to-end process that measured one performance. It begins with the setting of goals to the management set by the owners or board of directors and cascade down to the hierarchy. Every level there will be a metrics or measurement put in place that can be objectively measured and reviewed. Though one can try but still finds it hard especially to manage contribution that is subjective in
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