Employee Relations Case Study

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Project TitleA Study on Employee Relationship in an OrganizationObjectives1. To study various employee relations employee relations practices and its effect on the productivity of an organization. 2. To find out the challenges faced by employees at workplace. 3. To identify ways of enhancing healthy relationship between relationship between employees and employers in an organization. 4. To find out the type of environment where employees thrive, enabling the company to outperform the competition. 5. To find out how far the organization is prepared to go in giving employees a voice on matters that concern them. 6. To study the harmonization of terms and conditions of employment for staff and manual workers. Problem StatementThe term “Employee…show more content…
Employee relations offer assistance in a variety of ways including employee recognition, policy development and interpretation, and dispute resolution. Once there was a time when “Employee Relations” meant labor relations everywhere around the world, negotiate, orchestrate, dictate. Human Resource professionals help negotiates collective bargaining agreements. The provisions of that contract defined the relationship between management, unions and workers. MethodologyResearch methodology is a systematic way to solve a problem. It is a science of studying how research is to be carried out. Essentially, the procedure by which researches go about their work of describing, explaining and predicting phenomenon are called methodology. It is also defines as the study of methods by which knowledge is gained. Its aim is to give the work plan of research. The methods and subsequent techniques that will be used in carrying out the research includes : Primary data: Primary data is freshly gathered data for collecting primary data instruments employed in this research work are questionnaire, observation and…show more content…
Analysis: Analysis begins with the collection of data which includes both primary and secondary. The term analysis refers to the computation of certain measure along with searching for patterns of relationship that exist among the data. Types of analysis used are: - Simple tabulation: Simple tabulation is the first stage of questionnaires survey. This type of tabulation gives information about one or more groups of independent question. Simple tabulation generally results in one way tablets, which supply characteristics of data only. Elements of sampling: The document of sampling includes sampling size sampling units and sampling frame. For the research purpose however the following are the assumptions as regards to the sampling factors: a. Sampling size: A sampling of 30 is considered for the research purpose. b. Sampling unit: Sampling unit for the study includes management personal and employees. c. Sampling design: Simple random sampling will be the sampling method used for the study. Statistical tools for presentation of data include:

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