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Most of accidents had individual results for the workers; they all beard soreness and anguish to various degrees. While “pain and suffer cannot be measured”. But the accidents effects of injury and pain differ from one person to another.
5.1/Employees ‘accident impact According to Mr. Victor Hrymak & Dr Jose Damian Pérezgonzález, (2007) employee financial costs of workplace accidents may involves salary lost , extra payments for health check and travel expenses, loss of job opportunities and failure to receive promotion at work places and compensation received. Additionally Mossink and De Greef (2002) reported that accident may cause psychological problems to the employees and their family unit, relatives and the close community as well. Employees also may lose their usual life and start a new chapter with unusual conditions which may cause severe psychological complexes like stress, anxiety, embarrassing, violence, lack of confidence, fighting some times and depression . In term of health such us pain, suffering, healthiness hospitalization, treatment, health care and further life year problems. In addition to that, serious work-related accident may cause illness, scars, grief, pain, permanent disability, difficulties in most activities specially sports, and in severe workplace accidents may cause death. Besides, Social costs included destructive impact on individual and family life, feelings of disappointment, sadness and social
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But despite these measures accidents still occur because it is hard to confirm the elimination of accidents forever. A study reported that are relative to provide safe work condition and risk assessment but with a certain degree safety can be limited in relation to some guarantee or standards of insurance to the quality and of an object or organization.
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