Employee Satisfaction Case Study

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According to Alam, Dr Sameena & Ms.Puja (2012) the employee satisfaction is the terms used to describe on level of happiness of the employee and satisfying their wants and needs at work. Many measures showed that employee satisfaction is the factor in motivation of an employee, employee goal achievement and their morale in the workplace.
There is no restriction for the workers to achieve the full fulfillment and it might change from representative to worker. In some cases they have to change their practices with a specific end goal to execute their obligations all the more adequately to increase more noteworthy occupation fulfillment. (Miller, 2016)
Keith Davis, employee satisfaction is defined as “Favorableness
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Specifically, the degree to which an employee's supervisor gives consolation and support to the representative concerning the employee's work is a solid determinant of the representative's state of mind toward his or her activity. (Inés Alegre, Marta Mas-Machuca & Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent. 2015). 2.3.1 WORKING ENVIRONMENT The employee satisfaction has connection with the working environment in the workplace, there are many organization forget on how important working environment toward the employee. According to Asigele Oswald (2012), an attractive and steady workplace can be depicted as an environment that draws in people into their profession, enables them to stay in the healthy work environment and empowers them to perform adequately.
A strong workplace give conditions that empower employee specialists to perform adequately, making best utilization of their knowledge, aptitudes, and abilities and the accessible assets keeping in mind the end goal to give excellent services. (Asigele Oswald,
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Drabe, Hauff, Franziska.R (2014), from the study they done on job satisfaction in aging workforces showed that elder and younger employee have their own different needs, value and goals. In the research, older employees will prioritize good relationship with collagenous and less emphasis on income, the security of job and any advance opportunities. A management finds, in order to maintain the effectiveness of an organization they need to ensure older employees satisfied with their work. The need may change among employee, it is when the need, motives and value are credit by development of an adult and work experience across the life span (Truxillo et al.2015)
According to Wim Pullen (2014) the ability of older workers to properly manage the difficulties in the working environment depends primarily on the total experience of the person in order to successfully adapt.
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