Restaurant Employee Turnover

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According to the National Restaurant Association has reported acute turnover of salaried employees in the restaurant industry. As stated, turnover rates of hourly workers become one of the most troubling issues in this industry. Similar to other industry, the restaurant industry keeps on encountering one of the highest employee turnover rates in the U.S. labour force, at 62.6% versus the 42.2% turnover overall in the private sector (Economist’s notebook: Hospitality employee turnover rose slightly in 2013, 2013). There are two types of turnover which is voluntary turnover and involuntary turnover, when employer fire the employees it is said to be involuntary turnover and when the employees quit their job by their willingness it is called voluntary…show more content…
The study show on how organizational commitment may influence on retention, attendance and job productivity. According to McNeese-Smith (1995) if employees are morally committed to an organization, the increasing of like hood of retention, consistent attendance, and increased productivity can be expected. In addition, the studies also identify on organizational commitment that could interact with job satisfaction to affect turnover intention among employees. Organizational commitment is an attachment with organization (Mathieu, 1990). In simpler words, job satisfaction is linked to the job; organizational commitment emphasizes links to the organization (Lim, 2007). Higher organizational commitment will lead to lower turnover intention; the studies was identify on how organization wish to motivated the employee to attracted with the job and the organization. According to Meyer (1991) when commitment is valued by organization and employees receive positive response and encouragement then it works as motivation and to remain in the organization and to work for organization. Thus, it shows people are more committed and engaged when there is a process for them to contribute. In other hand, it can help employee show up for work at the same time gives them sense of pride in their…show more content…
Also investigated the effects of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on turnover intention. This study will highlight some key issue on employee turnover. First, there has been considerable that job satisfaction has significant influence with turnover intention. Second, there has significant associate between organizational commitment and turnover intention. Hence, the relationships between job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover intention are constructed in form of research framework, as shown in figure

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