Employee Welfare: The Role Of Welfare In The Social Service Organization

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Welfare of employee and his family members is an effective advertising and also a method of buying the gratitude and loyalty of employees. Employee welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities offered by the employer.
The essential reason of employee welfare is to enhance the life of employees and keep them glad and delighted. Welfare facilities empower employees to have a wealthier and all the more fulfilling life. It raises the way of life of workers by in a roundabout way lessening the weight on their pocket.
Welfare means enhancing, faring or doing well. It is a far reaching term, and alludes to the physical, mental, good and passionate prosperity of a person. Further, the term welfare is a relative idea, relative in time and space. It therefore, varies from time to time, region to region and from country to country.
Employee welfare is an essential perspective in every organization with some included incentives which empower the labourers to lead a better than average life. There are a few agencies included in the labour welfare work specifically the central government, employee’s trade union and other social service organization. Welfare services may broadly be classified into two categories:-
1) Intramural
2) Extramural
Keeping in mind the end goal to get the best out of a worker in the matter of production, working condition is obliged to be enhanced to vast degree. The work place should provide reasonable

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