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Effect of Diverse Work Environment on Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment amongst Indian Employees


Workforce diversity is one of the foundations which determine an organizations success, as companies need to optimally utilize the skills and talent of a wide variety of employees. It is a common belief that companies employing a diverse workforce would be well prepared to understand the demographics of the customers they serve much better than companies that hire only a limited group of employee demographics, thus making them better able to prosper in the market place. Also, such a company is better able to address employee satisfaction and retention issues. This understanding makes the organizations keep striving
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Beside these variables, contemplations are likewise made on identity, age, psychological style, skillset, training, foundation and more. The focus of working environment assorted qualities now lies on the promotion of distinction of an individual within an organization, recognizing that each individual can convey something other than what's expected to the…show more content…
(2010) conducted a survey on professionals of diverse color and found diversity climate affecting organizational commitment and intentions to leave.
Allen et al. (2008) studied employee perceptions of diversity at the senior management level of an organization and found those to be positively related to how the organization was perceived to be performing.
Caldwell et al. (2000) found that job satisfaction and organizational commitment positively correlated with organizational fairness and inclusion, while intent to leave, being correlating negatively.
McKay et al. (2007) found that a good diversity climate reduced intentions of leaving and increased organizational commitment for both majority and minority employees of a US national retail organization.
Goyal et al. (2013) studied the impact of organizational diversity climate on the intent to leave among Indian IT personnel.
Taking cues from these studies, directed at focusing the effect of organizational diversity climate on different individual and authoritative variables, this research intends to undertake the case for the organizations operating in India. Thus, the present study is significant in the present working environment dynamics of Indian

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