Employees Is An Invasion Of Employees Privacy

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In the United States, the right to privacy is understood by Americans as one of the fundamental rights of all people. In the age of satellite surveillance, video cameras, position tracking, communication monitoring, and electronic surveillance, whether an individual can truly experience privacy is questionable. Surveillance in public places such as stores, schools, and workplaces has become commonplace. Most employees have become accustomed to being monitored daily at the workplace. It is understood that anything they say or do is recorded and any inappropriate conduct could result in their termination for the job. However, in today’s more technologically advanced society, employers can now extend their monitoring of employees activates beyond the bounds of the workplace. New technological ability raises the issue of whether employers should be permitted to monitor employees when not at work. Many find that monitoring an employee’s social media is an invasion of employee’s privacy. Employee monitoring is a significant component of employers’ efforts to maintain employee productivity and, to a great extent, the means by which to avoid legal liabilities and business injuries which stem from employee misconduct. Moreover, disgruntled employees can expose valuable business trade secrets or engage in corporate espionage or sabotage. Although it may be perceived as an invasion of privacy, employers need to be aware of their current and potential future employee’s secular

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