Employment Relation Policy Analysis

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In this assignment a complete and objective discussion of various Employment Relations Policies is going to be given. The discussion is going to focus on the following aspects of the Employment Relations Policies: disciplinary code and procedure, retrenchment policy and procedure, strike contingency plan and procedure and lastly the employment equity policy and plan will be explored.
This policy was introduced to the government in order to assist the department in the management and upholding discipline. According to Mashwohle (2011) the policy has the following objectives: to promote reciprocal respect between the employer and the employee, to support constructive labour relations within the department, to make
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If this is the case then the management or the employer of the company has to take the following into account: does the company have a justifiable reason for the retrenchment of its employees, does the company have a fair and objective criteria for the retrenchment of their employees and whether the company has a plan of conducting a consultation with the employee’s representatives.
The company has to try by all means to avoid the retrenchment of its employees. Barker (2007) states that if the company has tried all the options that it can and the only viable solution was to retrench the employees then the company ought to consult with the employee’s representatives on the following measures: any suggestions that could avoid the retrenchment, to change the timing of the retrenchment and to minimise the number of
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Therefore this phase is about analysing all the information and documentation gathered in the strike operation plan phase. The analysis of the information could be done by accessing the camera footages taken in the strike, the voice recording, pictures taken during the strike, affidavits and statements which were taken by the police and talking to eye witnesses who were present during the strike. Gettier & Associates (2011) state that this information could assist in: supporting or proving proof for criminal activities and for support of an application for injunctive relief.
According to Venter & Levy (2011) the employment equity policy makes a vital contribution to the reshaping of socio-economic and political structure of South Africa. The purposes of the policy is to promote fair and equal opportunities at the workplace, to put in place affirmative measures to remedy the disadvantages in the labour market experienced by the previously disadvantaged population in order to ensure equal representation of all South Africans in the workplace.

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