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“The employment relationship has fundamentally changed in the last quarter century, thus creating significant challenges for managers in today’s organisations, critically analyse the validity of this statement refer to issues/theories discussed in class”. While I do agree that the employment relationship has significantly changed over the last quarter century I do not think it has created significant challenges for managers. I think that it has created changes that employers and managers may have had a difficult time adapting to and perhaps if the changes had not come about a lot of employers might have been happier. I think that in return for the changes employees have become happier and more comfortable in their jobs which I believe allows…show more content…
As with the study done by Mayo, a study done on the effects of best practice found that companies that gave their employees training and a level of autonomy along with good rewards led to a higher performance as opposed to the companies that did not allow employee autonomy or provided training/ a chance to excel within the company. These companies found a de-motivated work force and were synonymous with a high level of employee turnover. Jeffery Pfeffer, an American business theorist outlined what he believed is the seven key points to successful implementation of the Best Practice…show more content…
“Organizations may need organizational flexibility to cope with increased competition”. (Shalk) Employees are now considering the flexibility of their employers, the need and ability to strike a good work life balance has never before been achievable. Now the saying work to live rather than live to work has almost taken on a literal meaning. In the attempts to attract the best employees available employers have noticed the shift in the balance of power. Employers are now willing to vary the types of contracts and hours that an employee works. The office is no longer a static place. Thanks to technology you can respond to emails in the park or write a report on the train, employers for the most part no longer require you to be in an office as long as you are doing the work you have to do. Because of all of the societal changes with organizations such as the recession, they have had to learn how to be flexible. Many companies have noticed the need to develop their existing workforce to be able to accomplish tasks that before they would have subcontracted to others. Atkinson’s flexible firm model displays the need for companies to be flexible through the utilization and development of their own employees. While it also displays the options to a company if an employee does not poses a certain skill set, it looks as though for important and necessary

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