Empowerment Analysis

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“Empowerment is a psychological process in which individuals think positively about their ability to make change and gain mastery over issues at individual and social levels. This includes the notion of selfefficacy, i.e., perceptions of competence, personal control and positive self-image” (Zimmerman, 2000). Empowerment analysis is the process whereby new media allows minorities to express and claim their rights. This is consistent with the fact that empowerment is an essential element of society, particularly among the historically disempowered or marginalized peoples. It is undeniable that the media affect audiences either as individuals or a society. Hence, empowerment analysis helps to understand the impact and extent of this impact that…show more content…
They possess a stronghold over people, thus influencing how they behave, act, dress and what they eat. This influence is a well-known aspect within pop culture. People trust public figures and believe that they know best and are “experts” in what they do, since they know a thing or two about the latest fashion trends and how to “slay” various styles. These celebrities are the trendsetters of society, packaging and promoting the perfect lifestyle, whereas people blindly trumpet it as the gospel truth. They become so influenced by the glamorous lifestyle, to the point of being empowered to imitate their ways. Take for example Kim Kardashian, an American reality television personality. She rose to fame from constantly exposing her body to the public’s eye. In this way, she has empowered some women to be like her, to gain a certain amount of fame and popularity by following in their footsteps or taking similar paths. She influences young women in particular to expose and embrace their body, to accept the wearing of corset to achieve that coco-cola bottom shape body so much that many are willing to get plastic surgery to fit within this category. She also empowers people to go against the act of taking on the traditional duties of women. They rebel against the social and cultural understandings of women being fully covered to embracing their sexuality in every way. Currently, her ideals
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