Empowerment And Strength In The Community

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The empowerment concept has a correlation with the action to find and to develop possessed strength in the community because there is a conception that every person has potential that could be able to develop (Lord and Hutchison 1993) so the empowerment is the effort to build the power of people by developing their potencies. 1.1.1 Empowerment Principles The empowerment has a broad meaning (Dugan 2003). For example, the empowerment could be seen from the goal of the process, for example, increasing the power of the disadvantaged as said (Ife, 1995) in (Pujiana 2015), possessed the power (Kasmel 2011) or as an approach in which people, organisations, and communities focussed in order to have a rule over their lives as said (Zimmerman 2000). Empowerment process could also mean as an effort to provide certain ability to the people so the empowerment process should encourage and motivate individuals to have a specific skill that would help an individual in his life (Page and Czuba 1999). Those understanding mean that the empowerment is an effort to build the power by encouraging, motivating and raising the awareness of individuals. The empowerment process is not merely an effort to empower people. The empowerment should be followed by strengthening potential or power possessed by the person or the community. Creating a good environment for people to develop their abilities is not only the recipe to solve the problem about community empowerment (Sumodiningrat 1999).
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