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The empowerment is important and necessary requirement in the present. A comprehensive quality tools and advanced modern methods, depends on the proper selection, training and development, partnership and devolution of powers. And greater emphasis on the human element within the organization of any kind. IT 'S role in improving the relationship between the manager and workers as this relationship is the cornerstone of the success of the development and adoption of methods within the institutions.
Empowerment idiomatically: see that empowerment is one of the most important participation in the processes and decisions and actions among employees; which enhances the intrinsic about such activities motivation outputs, and increases the empowerment of their awareness of the importance of the
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Pillars of empowerment and effervescence
The concept of empowerment has become clear after our offer as a term defined an interview, so that would mean giving subordinates the right to participate in decision-making , Some of the basic components of the organization by empowering employees and are summarized as follows (4):
1. Science and knowledge and skill:
The more the individual and the cognitive skills and gains experience, the greater its ability to perform his duties efficiently and greater autonomy.
2. Contact and audit information:
The more interviews, meetings and dialogue between school administrators and staff and the exchange of correct and renewable transparency, clarity and frankness of information; increased sense of empowerment and freedom of action and a sense of ownership and belonging among workers and consists of self-enthusiasm in order to improve

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