Empowerment Of Women In The 1800's

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After the Civil War the men returning didn 't take nicely to women and their new found jobs that they had acquired while the men were gone. This women 's empowerment movement became the beginning of suffrage. Suffrage was the women 's movement to gain the right of equal pay for equal work, the right to vote and the right to work in the jobs that she was capable. Not but a few women were against it, and most men didn 't support it either. Throughout the early 1800’s women had been piling up with new restrictions that had prevented them from living the same normal and peaceful life that men in the world had acquired decades ago. Not only in America, but in many other countries as well! Women were not allowed to vote, and also were not seen…show more content…
Women in the daily life during the late 1800s was seemed as scarce to females. The main reason for this would be the ongoing issues dealing with unjustified, and unequal daily life. Along with no voting rights and unequal work conditions, women also were not on the train of equality in life at all. The daily conditions were seen as not fit towards women. Education for women in the 1800s was minimal. Schooling was for the men of the town, and if a woman wanted to go to school, she was frowned upon by everyone. The woman 's role seemed to stay in the house. In the home the women took care of the children and she was also the one who set the atmosphere for her offspring. She was the one who would teach them or "train" them in their roles in life. Over time, many were starting to see that women needed some sort of education because they were the ones who raised the children in the home. As a result, many women began to educate themselves in order to better their lives and the lives of their offspring. This was what began all female colleges. Female colleges were created to educate and help the women in the home environment. Women were mainly used for reproduction, and keeping the homestead up and running, and had no identity other than her husband. Men had more justification than women. Not to mention the fact that as the children (boys) of these vicious men grew up in this time period, they were raised to be thought of as higher than the ladies around them. The growing children was also a heavy influence on the attempt to make a change for the women in saying that they did not want their son to be boastful and skeptical like their fathers. Women on the other hand were not very satisfied with the occurrences that had been on going. After dealing with harassment, neglect, and many other terrible treatments, women started seeking change. Women during this time were literally scared of themselves one could say. The fact that the word from a man and his mouth could
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