Empowerment Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper on Aspect of Empowerment in a critical discourse of Communication and Media Mass media has played a significant role in the empowerment of women in developing countries especially in India, where men are deemed to be more powerful than women and that inequality is being experienced in different sectors of the society. With the different issues being faced by women and in areas where inequality is evident, empowerment is critical to be able to create change, and transform societies. Media is able to reach out to different types of audience through print, radio, television and new forms of media through the use of the internet. It has also molded public opinion through the different methods in conveying the message to their audience. The different schools of thought play a significant role to be able to understand how each of these forms of media is able to uplift the status of women in different cultures. The Frankfurt school of critical theory analyzes the processes of cultural production and political economy, the politics of cultural texts, and…show more content…
It seeks to understand the meaning within meaning. He rejected the idea of common sense and that through deconstructing of messages one will be able to find the true meaning of texts. Through the use of media, people will have to identify the meaning of signs embedded in communication and semiotics. He also mentions that there are no fixed meanings in a text that’s why through deconstruction it allows people to break traditions and open it to multiple interpretations to address possible gaps in the meaning of the text. The concept of binary opposition is also discussed wherein it examines the interaction of two opposites to trace and the distribution of power between the two extremes. Example of which is the understanding between the dominance of man over the woman and why one is labeled superior over the
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