Empress Dowager Ci: The Boxer Dynasty

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Cixi was born (Lan Kueu) in 1835, to one of the most well known and oldest Machu families, . At age 18 she was elevated to the status of concubine. During 1852, at 16 years old, she was chosen to become one of the concubines for the 21 year old Emperor Xianfeng. Ci Xi significance in the boxer rebellion has been debated by many historians. The traditional interpretations were based on contemporary Western views the focused mainly on the negatives of Ci Xi. She has been portrayed as a Dragon Lady, a cunning and manipulative spiteful ruler, a arch conservative who resisted and sabotaged reforms. However modern day historian Jung Chang challenges this view with her ground breaking biography, Empress Dowager Ci Xi. "Chang comprehensively overturns
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