Empress Theodor Queen Elizabeth I Of The Byzantine Empire

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Women have played an important role throughout history but haven’t really been credited as much as they really should have been. Although women haven’t usually been in a position of power (because they were not allowed to be in a that position), they have still done a lot to contribute in crucial ways. For example Empress Theodora of the Byzantine empire though 527 and 548 A.D, Queen Elizabeth I of the queen of England and Ireland from 1558 to 1603. Empress Theodora impacted her society through Justinian, she made sure that daughters received their fair share of inheritance. Don’t combine your topic sentence with your concrete detail. Also, that’s a run-on sentence. She made sure that if a husband were to die; his wife’s dowry would become her property again. She also made sure that children of female slaves were not slaves like their mother. All these measures improved the position of women in Byzantine society. You didn’t follow the 8 sentence format.…show more content…
She ruled England for 45 years and people didn’t know any other type of life as she had transformed to poverty driven England into one of power and hope. She was also only the third Queen of England to rule of her own right after her cousin Lady Jane and half sister Mary I, and considering that they were both disastrous Queens, Elizabeth was the first Queen to actually make a change for the better. Copied and didn’t follow the

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