Empress Theodora's Impact On Society

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Empress Theodora and Queen Elizabeth Essay Throughout history women have often played a significant role,although women haven’t usually been in a position of power, they have none-the-less, often contributed in significant ways. Queen Elizabeth and Empress Theodora both impacted their societies. A woman who impacted her society was Empress Theodora of the Byzantine Empire. She impacted her society in many different ways one of the ways she impacted her society was when she influenced Justinian to make changes in the law to help protect women and children. Instead of people abandoning infants, mostly girls Justinian had laws to established hospitals,orphanages,and care facilities. Empress Theodora also had Justinian change a law to where divorced women were granted rights such as being able to remain guardian of their children. (World of Almanac pg.26 & 27) Furthermore, Empress Theodora played a huge role when it came to saving the empire by one short speech. She convinced Justinian and his advisors to stay and fight when they were going to flee to safety but Theodora refused to give up her throne.( World of Almanac pg.27 & 28) Theodora’s speech that played such an…show more content…
Queen Elizabeth impacted her society mainly by sacrificing and by protecting. Empress Theodora impacted her society mainly by protecting women and children and by changing laws. Both women impacted their society at a time where women were kind of down graded but they both took a step and and brought us back to where we are respected. Empress Theodora and Queen Elizabeth ways they impacted the society can teach readers that that sometimes you sacrifice something to keep somebody protected and that there is always going to be rough times just overcome it and help put a stop to it. Throughout history these women impacted societies and played a huge role in history so our life could be
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