Empress Wu Zetian Achievements

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Empress Wu Zetian ruled China as emperor. She was born in 625 BC, and became emperor in (690-705BC). Pharaoh Cleopatra ruled Egypt around (51-31BC.) She was born around 69 BC. During these time having women as rulers was frown upon, but these women did it. Both their accomplishment are outstanding. They both become rulers at young age, Wu Zetian became emperor at age 26 and Cleopatra became queen at age 18. With power come great responsibilities, Wu Zetian built her government with intelligent people stated in http://eastjourney.com/html/history/wuzetain.htm . She sent her army to search everywhere for the most brilliant and most talentive people. (Xilong Wang stated in her 2011) article that Wu Zetian achieved a great in politics; her first achievement was the promotion and the development of agriculture. Pharaoh Cleopatra achievements include learning 5 different languages and winning a battle between her brother and herself. Empress Wu Zetian was born into a rich family. She was taught reading, writing, and music as a child. At the age of 14 she became a concubine to the then Emperor Taizong. She later became his favorite and was giving the name Charmed Lady. In 649 BC Taizong died and his son Gaozong became ruler. Wu Zetian was now 26 years old. According the rules establish at this time, the old emperor concubine are to be sent to a nunnery to live out the rest of their days. Gaozong found Wu Zetian to be beautiful and he visit the nunnery frequently. Eventually she became his concubine and moved back into the palace. She later gained his trusted and became his favorite. She later gave birth to two sons gaining her more influence within the Dynasty. She had begun to compete…show more content…
Wu Zetian was more about including the people of China and Cleopatra was more about ruling Egypt. Wu Zetian included her people by giving them jobs verse Cleopatra who spent a great deal of time protecting her
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