Emt Perez Case Study

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On 9/25/2015 SO EMT Perez was dispatched to VP-113 regaurding a fall. S/O EMT Perez knocked and announced his presence at the door and was greeted by the residents spouse and introduced to the fallen female resident a, Mrs. Dorothy Gish who was sitting upright on the living room floor by her rollater. Mrs. Dorothy Gish stated that she was sitting on her rollator when she slid onto the floor and was unable to pick herself up on her own strength. S/O EMT Perez performed a pelvic exam on Mrs. Gish which revealed no pain or grimace. Mrs. Gish stated that she was going through physical therapy and she was able walk on her own but was not able to pick herself up as of yet. Mrs. Gish stated that she did infact recall the fall and was not to her knowledge
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