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“En Donde Estan” is a documentary film directed by Charlie Minn that I was honored to go watch. first I wasn’t so interested in watching the movie but once I finish seeing it, it brought to me anger, frustration, disappointment into how low and corrupted people can get and how they rather not make justice for those who suffer. Charlie Minn did a great Production where he was able to translate to the audience the pain and worries of women and family. The film was a general idea of what family go through when a female member of a family goes missing and are either never found or found dead, especially in Mexico. In the film there is this one particular case about a mother, Marisela, who lost her daughter, Marisol, because her son in law killed her. Throughout the film we see…show more content…
Charlie also mentions that the boyfriend who Marisol had was part of the Azteca criminal group and for which he had influence on the judges. I don’t know how low of a nation can fall into and still want to pretend to make it better with actions that show the opposite. Marisela felt “like they killed her daughter twice” for the sentences that the suspect got. After that Marisela realized the system of justice in Mexico is dishonest she had the courage to stand up for not just her daughter but for all women mainly the ones who suffer and walked nude while carrying a picture of her daughter, making protest and influencing other women who have suffer the same or worse than her to join her. Marisela was becoming a great influence/ idol around the word because she was fighting for her daughter, for her, and feminism. One day Marisela was protesting in front of the government municipal and had asked them if they can give her protection and they denied it. So when I got late a person approaches Marisela and her brother, they try to run away and the person ends up killing

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