Poem Analysis: Es Un Buen Tipo Mi Veijo

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“Es Un Buen Tipo Mi Viejo”
While I sat on the plane, I thought about life and my newborn cousins who were born several days ago. I pulled open the window blind and looked out the window at the dark sky as we took off. I was excited to visit the Dominican Republic and started daydreaming about eating my favorite meal, “Arroz blanco con lambi y ensalada de pulpo,” I said out loud by accident.
I looked next to me and notice my mom giggling overhearing what I just said. My mouth was watering with the thought of having it as my first meal

When I arrived to “mi pais”, I went straight to my grandma’s house, where we ate and where my mom and I are going to be staying. It was fun to hang around “ Los amigos mio y hablar y relajar”. “Wey Yancey que lo que. Hace poco tiempo desde que tu viniste” dijo Alejandro. “jaja bro es que yo amo estar aqui, con mi familia, cuando yo puedo yo vengo”., yo dije. We lasted the day just talking, hanging out and just spending the day relaxing. The next day came by, and notice that I had four missed calls from my dad, so I called him as soon as possible. “Hello?, Yancey y porque no me coje el telefono, que te estabas llamando aserato?” dijo pa. “Hello, que paso papi, estaba durmiendo y no pude cojer el telefono?” yo dije con un voz irritada.” “No, preguntando si hay
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With all this going on we forgot all about father’s day, and we figured he probably won’t even want to celebrate because it will be his the first “Father’s Day” without his dad. Even though, we thought our dad wouldn’t be in the mood to celebrate father’s day, he actually showed us and told us that we can’t be upset forever because it is apart of life and that we are all going to “have to go” someday. He told us the exact same thing his father told him before. It was a very fun family get together, all my brothers and sisters were there to spend time and celebrate together as a family with my
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