Enchanted Garden Literary Analysis

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Italo Calvino Literary Analysis
“It is not the voice that commands the story; it is the ear.” (Italo Calvino) Italo Calvino was a famous Italian writer who wanted his life to be known and wanted the people to be interested in his stories. It was not only about what he wanted, it was about what the people wanted to hear. He did not just want to make his stories, he was striving to catch the eye of the readers. Italo Calvino’s writings were inspired mainly by his experiences in the war and acquaintances.
Italo Calvino was born in Cuba in 1923, Shortly after he was born his parents decided to move back to Italy where they first came from (Italo Calvino). Calvino was raised in San Remo, Italy on a vegetation farm while his dad worked as a professor (Italo Calvino). Later on as Calvino started to get older, he started making his own
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The story takes place on a warm summer day, at the beginning the setting takes place on railroad tracks (3.Calvino Italo).Two children are playing, when all of a sudden they hear a train. Both children run and one finds an opening in the hedge (3.Calvino Italo), they found themselves in a garden by chance (3.Calvino Italo). The mood that Calvino was going for was “beauty and enchantment” (3.Calvino Italo). A warm feeling as the people read the story, we know this by the way he described the pleasant setting. The mood of the story is based off of reality and illusion as Calvino was growing up his life wasn 't very consistent. We can tell this because all the other moods of his stories are either happy or just down right brutal. In The Enchanted Garden Calvino used his imagination when writing the mood, making it what he wanted the readers to look into where he imagined going when his life was inconsistent. Tying these two things together Italo made a wonderful short story. Italo calvino was a good writer, he was inspiring to many
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