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The book Enchantment by Orson Scott Card starts in 1975 when a ten year old boy named Ivan Smetski finds out that he has to become a Jew, so that Ivan and his parents can get visas out of Russia into another country. While Ivan and his family wait for their visas they end up losing their apartment and live on their Cousin Marek and his wife Sophia’s farm in Kiev. It took months for the family to get their visas so they could move to America for Ivan’s education and well being. As Ivan grew up in the book he studied to become a scholar just like his father, and by the age of 24 Ivan goes back to Russia to study more about his homeland. However the farm that he lived on was no longer considered part of Soviet Union, during the time that Ivan…show more content…
In the center of the opening there was a sleeping women floating in the middle of a chasm that hid a monster whose duty was to protect her, this strange scene had scared off young Ivan and haunted him in his dreams ever since. Regardless to Ivan’s childhood fears, when he comes back to his homeland at the age of 24 he returns to the strange opening in the woods. With the motivation to end his fear of the chasm and the monster that lived in it, he ended up on the pedestal in the middle of the chasm kissing the sleeping woman awake. Unlike anything that Ivan expected the women woke up and spoke to him in a dead language ,that he luckily understood. The mysterious woman asked him to say that he’ll marry her, which he agrees to, due to the monster that was about to end his life unless he said yes. The language that she spoke to Ivan is called Old Church Slavonic and was created in the 9th century by missionaries that translated the bible and their works.With Old Church Slavonic being the only language that she spoke it became a giant detail to the story, do to the fact that as far as Ivan knew the only people that could speak this language were Ivan himself, his father Potir and other scholars that studied the language. This effects Ivan’s relationship with the woman later on in the story when they travel to her

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