Encomienda System During The 16th Century Essay

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1. Encomienda- A system of control over Native Americans used during the 16th century. The encomienda system consisted of the Spanish settlers using forceful power over these natives in order to obtain both land and laborers. An additional goal of the encomienda system was to convert locals to Christianity via Spanish missionaries. 2. Mercantilism- The economic concept that economic progress and success lie within the power of the nation, not necessarily of the individual citizen. The belief that wealth could only truly be attained by group success and reliance on other workers yielded the economic system present in many parts of Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. Wealth was dependent on trade. Nations tried to obtain as much as…show more content…
Headright System- Established in 1618 in Jamestown, Virginia, the headright system consisted of 50-acre parcels of land being given to new settlers. Many families were encouraged to bring as many people as possible when emigrating, so as to receive as much land as possible. By attracting more new settlers, this increased the amount of possible laborers and supplied the growing tobacco industry with a large supply of new workers. 3. King Philip’s War- Consisting of a series of battles between the Indian tribe of the Wampanoags and the colonists, King Philip’s War began in 1675. This organized and armed attack by the natives was met with equally strong colonists aided by rival tribe of the Wampanoags, the Mohawks. As the Indians attacked the white towns, the colonists took the natives’ food and destroyed their villages. This left both parties weak and depleted, but eventually, the colonists won and left the Native Americans helpless and under their control. 4. Navigation Acts- In 1660, King Charles II created the Navigation Acts, a restriction on British trade with the purpose of benefitting the British economy. These three acts aided with the increased production of products from the New World and encouraged a shipbuilding industry specific to the colonies. This system helped England because they did not have to import items from rival countries; they simply had to import goods from their own
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