Encounter In Umbugland Analysis

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"We must get rid of this situation before it spreads. It wouldn‘t be in our interests to let her stay on the throne after this. We must gather a mob! We must incite the people! We must loose upon her the tidal wave of an infuriated mob. That‘s what‘ll rock her! She‘s still raw, she‘s an inexperienced child. She is calling like a jackal; she hasn‘t as yet seen the angry roaring tiger of the mob. Brave men tremble when they see this fourteenth wonder of the world rushing towards them, shouting till throats are hoarse, attacking with stones." The play focuses on the power recreations that men take part in and the defilement, brutality and exotic nature in which they enjoy the process. In the play, Tendulkar depicts reasonable characters, for example, ministers who are included in degenerate practices. Princess Vijaya 's underlying ponderousness in her lifted up position, her practices of the discourse she needs to make before the board and the general population at the season of the royal…show more content…
It has nothing to do with the welfare of individuals. Queen Vijaya wishes to alleviate the issues of tribals. The Press is never worried about issues of individuals apart from its own advantages. It highlights the affectedness with which the administration apparatus is utilized for the individual elements of the dignitaries like Kings, Queens and the the administrative class. The play uncovered the pitilessness and absence of standards in the rulers and their subjects. Tendulkar has magnificently controlled the blending of governmental issues, gender issues and religion uncovering the lip service and childishness of man. Encounter in Umbugland uncovered the appalling part of Press, even though it is known as the fourth estate of the democracy, it works in intrigue with the administration in spreading debasement to misuse the pure and uninformed
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