End Of Life Care Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Do you feel that taking care of terminally ill or elderly patients has become a major ethical dilemma? Yes, totally it has become an ethical dilemma for both physicians and patient’s families. To begin, end-of-life care can be incredibly expensive and emotionally draining to both the patient and his/her family. Many families take on the “do everything mentality” says, Anthony to prolong the patient’s suffering instead of his or her meaningful life span. End-of-life care can take a toll on the family’s emotions. Observing the critical ill or elderly go through aggressive procedures only to maintain a vegetative state can be can be extremely painful. This can possibly explain why many people do not enroll in hospice care until the very last stage of their lives because it can be considered as a sign of giving up the hope in life. Some people might see hospice care as the last choice.
Do you foresee hospice care being expanded overseas?
Many physicians from different foreign countries have visited our site to complete training requirements. Calvary Hospital has
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I was fortunate of having the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Anthony. He is a very passionate and dedicated man who loves his profession. Personally, I liked the idea of going into the field of death and dying and interviewing a professional. I learned a lot of valuable information through this interview. The interview was extremely informative and I learned about the purpose and benefits of hospice care. Through this assignment, I was able to get an understanding of what hospice care entails. Confronting death is not easy at all and dealing with it on a regular basis is challenging. I would like to commend grief counselors, hospice nurses, EMS workers, hospice social workers and other professionals who are in the field of death and dying for the amazing work that they do on a daily basis; it takes heart and soul to get the job
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