End Of Life Conversation Paper

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End of life conversations are difficult to initiate to a point where health care practitioners start to actively avoid talking with individuals that are under palliative care. The thought of initiating the conversation fills a clinician with dismay. McRee & Reed (2016) advise that conversations about end of life should be initiated at the time of patient’s admission. Therefore, GPs should monitor the trajectory of patients’ conditions as soon as they have been admitted in hospital. For instance, they can assess whether the patient is exhibiting a consistent decline instead of improvement or if the patient is complaining of fatigue with the treatment process of frequent hospitalization. These prompts then require a clinician to set up a place and time when those who should be involved can be present.…show more content…
This is crucial as it assures the patient that I respect and honor his/ her wishes. I can start by a question such as, “I would like us to discuss about how you would like to be cared for in case you become really sick, is that okay with you?” I will then determine the appropriate time and place where the conversation should be done. During the discussion, I will show empathy and give enough time to the patient and the loved ones for them to absorb what is being said. I will ensure that I am patient in that I do not focus on covering everything at

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