End Of Life Scenario Analysis

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This past week has been full of experiences, good and bad. Last Thursday we had an end of life scenario for our foundations in medicine course. The scenario consisted of a postoperative patient who developed a blood clot and was brain dead a short time later. The reason for the clot was a medical error. He was never given prophylactic anticoagulants. Therefore, our job was to inform the patient’s brother what had happened and why. Needless to say, it was a tense scenario, but I’m grateful to have been able to do it in a simulated situation before having to do it for real. On Friday, my mom called to tell me that grandpa wasn’t doing well and that my dad was flying to Oklahoma to see him. By the time my dad got to see him, he had stopped eating and was fairly unresponsive. My dad was able to say goodbye on Sunday night and…show more content…
It was interesting to hear Uncle Tom’s perspective on everything. He brought a lot of joy here when he came, and it was fun having him meet little Oliver. He took us to Commander’s Palace and it was phenomenal. I had the turtle soup, swordfish, and the bread pudding soufflé for dessert. It turned out to be probably the finest meal we’ve eaten in New Orleans. He also made a very generous contribution to our education fund. It’s difficult to put in words how grateful Misa and I feel for that, but it really makes a significant difference for us. Also, tonight I watched the final lecture of my first year of medical school tonight! Now all I need to do is study hard over the weekend to prepare for my final exams, which could prove difficult while I’m in SLC for the funeral. This year has been one of the best in my life. I celebrated my first anniversary with Misa, had a beautiful baby boy, and I’m falling in love with New Orleans. I hope next year is as incredible as this
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