End-Of-Shift Report In Nursing

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Nursing handover also known as end-of-shift report is a complex and patient specific process that involves transferring patients’ information and plan of care to ensure safety and

continuation of optimal care. As noted by Caruso (2007), change of shift report signifies a time

of careful communication in order to promote patient safety and best practice. There are many

different ways nurses can give a shift report. Written report, phone recording, or verbal

reports in a designated room, nurses’ station, or at the patient’s bedside are all possible ways to

give shift report (Caruso, 2007). “Potential adverse events associated with inaccurate or

untimely clinical handover has been established...Handoff that is erroneous may include
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In order to give proper care, effective

communication must be set in place. The communication of patient information to the next care

provider is referred to as “handoff”, “handover” “end-of-shift report”, or “report”. This

communication is the exchange of necessary information for continuation of the patient’s care.

Handoff report also addresses any changes or clarification involving the patient’s care in

order to provide optimal care and to promote patients’ safety. Patient care is a complicated

process with multiple providers requiring healthcare providers to constantly balance and process

information in a setting where there are multiple demands and constant interruption. It has been

discovered that poor communication handovers have resulted in adverse events, delays in

treatment, redundancies that impact efficiencies and effectiveness, and low patient and

healthcare provider satisfaction (Patterson & Wears, 2010).

After surveying this 160 bed short term facility in Eastern Long Island, it was evident that

end-of-shift report was an issue. This facility is known to have preventable errors due
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total of fifteen staff members along with five patients participated in the meetings. Members in

attendance varied between a low of five to a max of ten, for the two meetings.

At the first meeting, an overview of the hand-off report was presented. The problem of

hand-off report was addressed and discussions of ways to improve the reports were debated. A

survey was then given to the participants to evaluate the concerns and potential ways that may

help improve the current problem with end-of-shift report.

At the second meeting, plans were presented to the participants on ways to improve hand-

off communication. Based on the survey collected, it would be beneficial for the staff nurses to

have a handoff tool that they could use and can also be serve as a guide to give end-of-shift

report. Furthermore, it was planned for the patients to be involved in the handoff report, so the

patients feel a sense of safety and also be able to participate in their plan of care. Lastly, it

was presented for a communication book to be initiated, such book would be used a source for

additional information if
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