Enda Macaleee: A Short Story

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One cloudy night where the moon shined bright and the wolves howls were like music in the air. In a small village in Ireland there was this young lady that had flowing red hair that would wear these long beautiful skirts that the wind would catch just right and when the light hit her face and hair she was the most beautiful girl in the whole village. All the men were after her but she was saving her self till marriage because that is part of being a faithful christian. Her name is Enda MacAleese. Her name means free sprit. Enda always had her bible in her arms and she would teach to the little lads in the field near the play ground. She tells the little ones about Noah and saving two of every animal. Lots…show more content…
“We should make our way back into the village before people start to wonder where we are at” said Enda
The thing that Enda doesn 't know but will soon is that Nybbas is a demon sent by Lucifer to capture her soul. Enda dances around her house as the wolves make the music in the air. When she was dancing Nybbas was praising Lucifer. It was as if they were corresponding with one another. Nybbas will do any thing to turn her into the a Satan follower. Many months go past I go over to Nybbas’s house and we cuddle for a while. HE starts to tell me a little bit about him self. He knows I worship the Almighty God and he does to so I thought. As he starts to tell me things about him self I start to back up he says you never met my father but you know him oh so well. His name is Lucifer. I ask how is that possible when that is Satan is in Hell.
“I’m from hell I am the son of Satan. Do you still love me?” said Nybbas
“I…I… I don’t know that is against every thing I believe in God is my Savior.” said Enda
“Satan is a higher power and will do any thing for you and it only cost one thing.” said Nybbas
“What is it? said Enda
“You have to sell your soul. Will you sell your soul to my father for me?” Said Nybbas
“Any thing for you my love.”
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