Endangered Animals Essay

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Deforestation and Endangered Animals
Animals are becoming extinct for many different reasons, the main reason being deforestation. Deforestation is the destruction of habitats which leads to loss of food, water, shelter and protection. Because of this, more animals are becoming endangered, or even extinct. The amount of forests cut down, the effects it has on the animals/habitats and in the growing list of endangered animals Thought Co. www.thoughtco.com/how-species-become-endangered-1181928. Accessed 1 May 2017.
Over the last 50 years the rate of deforestation has rapidly increased Live Science. www.livescience.com/27692-deforestation.html. Accessed 1 May 2017. Each year 46-58 thousand square miles of forests are destroyed each year. That is roughly the size of 48 football fields! All this destruction is done for a variety of reasons and in multiple different ways Green Tumble. greentumble.com/how-does-deforestation-affect-animals/. Accessed 1 May 2017. The different ways the trees and plants are cut down, or removed, can tell you what the forest is being cleared for. Clear cutting, fires, natural disasters, ranching and development are just some examples of how the trees and vegetation are removed. Clear-cutting is when large swaths of land are cut down all at once, which is one of the two most common methods of deforestation. The second most common method is using fire to burn the trees down. Burning can be done two ways, quickly in large amount of land or
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