How To Protect Endangered Animals Essay

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Killing animals for food, making trophies out of their own flesh, laws that are not forceful enough. This is the world of endangered animals in China. In 1981 chinese laws to protect or hurt animals began. There are individual animals in china who are endangered and all have specific problems about their habitat. Animals have been getting extinct and endangered because of human privileges. Although, some may argue helping animals may cost a lot of money, it is definitely worth it to help endangered species because you did something for the world. Animals in China need to be protected because of their dwindling populations, human privileges and the rising number of endangered and extinct.

An enormous amount of animals have been getting slaughtered
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According to Infogram, the Yangtze Dolphin is the most endangered species in China.“ Data shows that the Yangtze river dolphin is the most endangered animal because the population is the smallest. Also, their habitats have been getting demolished because of human actions such as, throwing trash into the ocean, cutting down trees where most habitats are, and littering around the world. There are only thirteen of this species left on the earth. Animals need to be protected from us. Our human actions take over their habitats so they have nowhere to live. In the end, the animals will have nothing left and have no choice but to fade away. Additionally, according to Wildlife in China, “Chinese alligators population is only 150 in the wild.“ The Chinese Alligator lives near the Yangtze river dolphin. The alligator’s habitat has also been destroyed because of human actions. Arcotechests have been building houses over the river which is damaging habitats, killing animals and causing a lot of pollution. There may be 150 in the wild, but these animals do a lot of our habitats as well. Animals need to be protected because eventually there may only be one habitat in the world. Some animals have the same habitat, if one of the animals died because of human actions, the other animal will too. Therefore human actions will cause the population to decrease

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