Endangered Animals: The Pros And Cons Of Cloning

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Background Cloning is the process by which an identical replica of any living organism can be created. Clones are organisms that have identical genes as the original organism. That indicates that each organism 's DNA, when cloned, is identically remade. Since cloning has first been discovered, many animals and crops have been cloned. The most famous cloned animal was Dolly the sheep, cloned on July 5, 1996, through February 14, 2003, by Bill Ritchie at Roslin Institute in Midlothian, Scotland. Unfortunately, Dolly died at the age of six. Pros The advantages, or pros, of cloning are that cloning might be an important tool for saving endangered species. The DNA of extinct primates can be replicated to reproduce new organisms. Endangered creatures…show more content…
As older cells are frequently used to make clones, it is possible that their age could be received by the developing embryos, which can at that point result in early aging issues and, possibly, even death. In addition, cloned organisms may create new diseases that don’t currently exist. This would be disastrous for humans and especially clones because some diseases are contagious, and if they are spread, it may take a big chunk of our population away. It would also take time for doctors to create a cure for upcoming diseases. Cloning many organisms may result in loss of diversity in genes. This would affect us because cloning makes organisms with identical genes, which can restrain or indeed end uniqueness. When scientist clone, everybody would have identical genotypes This may result in…show more content…
Science is applied and used to address a specific problem in many ways. One way is the scientific method when it applied to cloning problems. The scientific method starts with your purpose and ends at the conclusion. In between are the hypothesis, experiment, and then analyze. They all help in building the conclusion. There are also several outcomes of science and its purpose in solving a specific problem. The outcomes may be a disaster or pleasing. Thanks to,,,,, and for helping me put together this research on cloning
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