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In every country, there is a dominant language that is used by most of its people and other languages of ethnic groups which are called minority languages. In the community of multi-lingual speakers, each language holds a different social role. Due to each particular circumstance, a certain language can maintain its significant roles, not only as the official language in its nation but also as a device for communication among other minority groups in some areas. On the contrary, some minority languages are simply used in narrow speech community or no longer considered the mother tongue even in the community where they are existing .Hence, their residents have to use the dominant language of another group; consequently, their language
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Although the linguists just put three rows bulleted, there are about six causes for language endangerment. Those are the number of speakers, language shift, external forces, internal forces, increased migration and rapid urbanization. It is clearly that “A language disappears when its speakers disappear”. This viewpoint is presented specifically by Crystal. The second reason is language shift. Every country has own dominant language. It is used widely for schools, offices, communication, almost everywhere. Therefore, language of ethnic groups becomes less popular and more endangered. People in ethnic groups tend to change languages suitably with…show more content…
But each reason they mention is reasonable and persuasive. However, in my opinion, there is still another reason that leads to an endangered language. That is the case of living in isolated areas. For example, Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 groups in total. The “Viet” language of the “Kinh” group is the official language and the rest are considered minority languages. Most of them still maintain their linguistic functions; however, some others are endangered such as O-du, Bo-y, Co-lao, A-rem, Ma-lieng and Ruc. I will take the Ruc language of the Ruc ethnic group as a typical example for another reason about language

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