Endangered Language: The Importance Of Language And Endangered Language

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I am here to speak out to you about endangered languages and why it imperative to save them, due to their great significance in the preservation of cultures and the diversity of the world. According to UNESCO “half of 6000 plus languages spoken today will disappear by the end of this century”. And with them will disappear a vast range of knowledge about the world and human life. Language is the basis of human life, it is how we communicate and share our ideas and emotions. It is what makes us human. It is our culture and our identity. As we know animal and human behavior is genetically programmed, but to a certain extent. Outweighing these predetermined biological factors, human behavior is, to a large extent, determined by culture. Culture, as defined, is the assimilated way of thinking, feeling and doing, which defines a society. And language cannot be dissociated from the culture. Language and culture are closely linked by symbols. Symbols being objects, images, sounds, words, and actions, having an acknowledged value, indicating some type of concept and expressing some type of an idea. Therefore, it is said that language is the main way of transmitting and passing on culture and perhaps the greatest achievement of mankind. To further support my claim there are four main points to be considered. Firstly, through language all needs both physical and spiritual are expressed. Secondly, language is a tool of social activities. Third, language allows to be connected

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