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According to The 2014–2016 list of the world’s 25 most endangered primates from Africa, Madagascar, and Asia. In Africa, Roloway monkey, Grauer’s gorilla, and Tana River red colobus. In Madagascar, both bamboo lemur and the Red ruffed lemur are on the endangered species list. In Asia, the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey, Pig-tailed snub-nosed langur and Philippine tarsier are dwelling fast.

Roloway monkeys are an arboreal species found primarily in undisturbed, mature forests. Due to human activity they can’t adapt very adaptable to changes in their habitat making them particularly vulnerable to. Grauer 's gorilla is also experiencing a range reduction due to an expanding human population. Threats to the Grauer 's gorilla 's
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Anthropologists are trying to counteract primate endangerment by educating people on the issues. In addition to hands-on species-specific conservation consisting of evaluating and monitoring, other efforts include the heavy tasks of informing policy, delineating the boundaries of protected areas, gathering information from unexplored and remote regions, and even making difficult decisions about interventions. Some are also donating and getting supporters to give money and time to support anti-logging initiatives in countries where deforestation is threatening primate habitats. We can also support groups that are trying the end the bushmeat and primate pet trade.

We as a collective hole can call, write, or fax your U.S. congressional representative and senators and urge them to support legislation that protects endangered species and their habitats, increases funding for foreign aid programs that specifically address sustainable development and the conservation of global biodiversity. We can also support groups that are trying the end the bushmeat and primate pet trade.

If we lose primates we could lose the entire forest. According to scientificamerican.com, primates eat for about 3.5 hours every day and travel a mean of 1.2 kilometers from meal sites before defecating and depositing the seeds that have passed through their systems. This helps enrich the soil to make more trees plants and trees

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