Endangered Specie Populations In Mexico Essay

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Endangered specie populations in Mexico

Introduction: Humans have drastically modified wildlife by polluting the earth we live in. Pollution is one of the major insidious threats to the environment, it ranges from obvious action, such as dumping in rivers and lakes to sprayed undetected chemicals. However, if the effect is permanent or short term the outcome does not change. Pollution changes the balance of ecosystems which causes numerous animals to become extinct. For example, the Bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and brown pelican all became endangered or extinct prior to scientists finding out that the chemical DDT, a chemical used largely in the United States as a pesticide. Farmers use pesticides to keep insects from eating crops. Pesticides
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Why does Mexico have such a strong pollution rate? Mexico is surrounded by mountains on three sides, it is also 2,240 meters above sea level, this causes Mexico to have less oxygen, this causes pollution to increase rapidly. Diesel fuels do not burn in the correct form in this altitude, which causes high amounts of black carbon. This investigation will aim to test the effects of air pollution on endangered specie populations in Mexico, this is a very serious global issue since many of the beloved animals that are living in our world are despairing due to human mistakes and carelessness. To test air pollution

Research Question:
What is the effect of air pollution on endangered species population in Mexico?
If the Air Pollution in Mexico harms endangered species, then a great percentage of the animal population will become extinct.
Experimental Variables:

Safety/Ethical Considerations:
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