Endangered Species

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David Perez
English 3
September 20, 2017
Why should we protect endangered species.? Imagine a world without animals? Would it be a better world or a worst one? Every day as humans evolve we hurt the planet. Humans have killed over 1000 species according to national geographic. The human race will eventually kill every single species on earth including themselves if the humans don 't change their ways of living by protecting species that are endangered. Endangered species more important than we think. They have ecological value which is important because if they go extinct then the whole food chain would be a disaster and would fall. Also protecting endangered species can help with biodiversity which we can benefit from. If endangered species aren’t completely wiped out then we can use them for more medical research.All species have an important role in this world,some can benefit from others even from the simpletest things. Everyone and everything on this earth live a life for a certain purpose, Don’t kill anymore endangered animals and help protect them because in the end it will all be worth it. There is a game called Jenga and in the game if you get rid of a good piece that holds the tower then the whole tower falls, this is the same with animals because if removing one animal or plant species from the ecosystem it will affect the life other organisms that interact with it and then the the chain would change or would crumble down. According to Scientific
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